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  • Receive text for the most suitable price on a market with our guarantees.
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  • We provide personal managers whom can help you find the writer.
  • You may choose editing service to ensure the quality of your text.
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Socrates and Machiavelli 6 $0.58-$4.20
Introduction to the Humanities 1 $1.41-$2.25
Preschool Teaching 8 $3.12-$5.70
Ben Franklin's Autobiography 8 $2.80-$3.57
Driving on a bumpy road towards School Improvement & Attainment 2 $4.91-$4.96
Grossman and Hazelwood: A Comparison 1 $0.88-$3.71
Homeland Security Plan 9 $4.07-$4.19
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We guarantee you'll receive money for your work if it was done in accordance to negotiation rules.
We always pay our employess on time and secure all payments. We make sure that our writers receive a fair compensation rate, which they agree on with customers.
We provide thousands freelance orders only for our writers.
We have a great customer base, which is continuously increasing. The best thing about it is that our customers come back to place more orders. Therefore, there are lots of orders available for your consideration daily.
We spend thousands on advertisement of your resume.
Once you've uploaded the resume on your personal profile, all the customers of our service will be able to review it and offer you a job. For your own advantage, the resume must be as precise as possible and provide all the necessary details that are relevant to the writing services.
We provide text editing service upon your request.
You are welcome to request the editing service. It will help to catch up grammar and spelling errors, as well as mistakes in word choice and structure, and increases the quality of work greatly.
We provide free evaluation service.
You may request to make evaluation of your work. This service is absolutely free of charge and gives an overal picture of your performance at this task.
24/7 support.
Our agents work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer all the questions and respond to any concern you got. You may completely rely on our support team for help and call us anytime.

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We would like to present the authentic Project that will suite to the needs of most demanding Customers as well as writers who have unique requests for work they are eager to provide. In the web site which you observe now, we aimed at gathering together a group of writers with different skills, experience levels and lists of jobs they are able to do. You may wonder how is our service different from other freelance web sites?This is because we provide our customers with excellent service and sufficient advantages. We value our clients a lot and do our best to develop positive relationships with them.

Attention to all writers! Freelancewritings does its best to deliver best quality services to its customers and increase their satisfaction. We believe this will increase their loyalty, and, therefore, the number of orders. For this reason, we encourage our writers to fill in all fields in their profile, and provide as mush relevant information as possible. In addition, you should upload your resume and few samples for customers to have a better understanding about the level of your skills and experience. The more information you provide in your profile the greater are chances that customers will choose you.